Best Gel Pen And Types

Nowadays a 12-year-old have a Blackberry, an iPhone, a laptop and a facebook profile. When i was 12 i felt cool with my New Gel Pen.
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Gel Pen:

A gel pen contains water from which the get is made and its pigments combined in water which makes the writing smooth. The appearance of the gel pen is similar to an ordinary pen Moreover, it contains a barrel or tiny cylinder which is used to fulfill ink supporting a cap on its nib.  However, this barrel at the back varies into different sizes. These gel pens are to be used on a light and smooth surface for better results.


Gel ink has higher velocity compared to the other ordinary links which help to support higher pigments. These pigments are characteristically copper phthalocyanine and iron oxides. The gel is completed with water and biopolymers, such as xanthan gum and tragacanth gum, as well as some kinds of polyacrylate thickeners. Furthermore, these gel pens are manufactured in different colors and which may further be categorized in glittery, metallic and bright colors.

Gel pen vs Ballpen:

The gel pen smudges more because of water inside. The drawback is as the gel pen consumes water in its ink barrel so you gotta refill it over and over as compared to ballpen which does not require more ink while writing.  However, gel pen created finer and accurate lines as compared to the other pens but there are more chances of the leakage of the ink as it’s wetter.

Best Gel Pens For Coloring:

As you know gel pens come in different sizes and colors which provide with different finishing. Below are some colorful pens and their usage.

  • Metallic pen:

This type of colored gel pen has a shiny effect which you can’t see in camera effect. But you can use this pen to color your drawings which only naked eye can see. Moreover, gold and silver gel pen’s have most metallic finishing.

  • Glittery Gel Pen:

    This type of pen gives extreme sparkle to your page which is perfect in adding highlighters on your writings and drawings. However, this gorgeous gel pen won’t ever disappoint you if you are looking for a perfect glittery stuff.

    Wonderful white Gel pen:

    This gel pen is simply white which has smooth and thick ink essential for drawings on black paper. Moreover, this gel pen can be used to highlight your stuff or it can be used in beginning or as an ending line on your page.

    Brilliant Black:

    maxresdefault (2)This type of colored gel pen is ideal for writing because the ink comes out so smoothly on the paper which helps you to create lovely sweeping lines on paper.

Best Writing Pens 2k15:

I’m gonna provide you with some of the best pens which were tested in 2015 so do consider this list while getting the best pen for yourself from 2015:
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1. JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen
2. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
3.  Pilot Vanishing Point Collection Retractable Fountain Pen
4. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
5.Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen
6.R.S.V.P Ballpoint Stick Pen
7.Zebra Stainless Steel Ballpoint Retractable Pen
8.Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Poller Ball Pens.
9.Uni-ball power tank RT Ballpoint Retractable Pen
10.Lamy Fountain Pen

Best Gel Pens For School:

Here are some best gel pens if you are a school going, kid:

  • Plot G6:

    It had a rubber grip which helps to draw more ironic drawings. As this pen is affordable so it is not a nightmare for you if you misplace them. This is cheapest and easily available pen you can get so far. All you have to care about is money and the pen you write from, and you do not really need to give a damn because your excuse is that you are young and you can write your own quotes from this plot G6 pen.

  • Pentel Tradio:

    This funky looking pen is the combination of porous ink pen and fountain pen. You can control the length and width while drawing graphs and histograms. Its pen gains your trust and it helps you not to play the dangerous games. This helps you to make graphs and lines accurately so that you can put in innovative ideas and stuff like that.  This is essential for architects and mathematicians who are required to draw straight lines and histograms Moreover, it is also essential for statistics.

  • Fisher Space Pen Cap-o-Matic Stylus:

    This type of school pen is also known as pocket pen due to the small size which is comfortable while taking long notes. As this pen is so small that you can grab it in your hand or stuck it in your fingers and carry it anywhere you want to, is it not amazing? what else do you need when you are blessed with Fisher space pen cap o Matic stylus. Al, you have to do is fulfill the ink container again and again as it requires fulfillment all the time due to a small container at the bottom of the pen.

  • Parker Jotter:

    It is produced since 1954 and is known as the most ironic pens out there. However, this school pen is number one selling brand. As you see there are trillions of children who go to school and wants to use the best pen in order to put their ideas on the paper so this Parker Jotter is essential for students who write and leans twenty-four seven. 

  • Lamy safari:

    It has a triangular grip which is known as the modern pen. The big steel wire snip firmly grabs onto a notebook, bag, or pants pocket for the easy take. The huge saying is that “there is a great dignity of a teacher as he teaches man by a pen teaches man what he knew not” so guys you come to know from this saying that after a teacher there is a pen which helps man to climb the ladder so Lamy Safari is essential in this case because it is most comfortable pen you will ever have in your entire life.

  • Zebra F-701:

    This is one of the most popular types which is made up of steel. It is easy to use and is reliable and you won’t even believe that it only costs 5 bucks. if you are out of money and you have nothing left inside your pockets than all you have to do is buy this pen because this is sufficient for your needs and requirements as it has the best ink that anyone has ever used so far and this will help you in future and lifetime.

  • Pentel Energel Needle Tip:

    This pen is essential for the engineering students which is super smooth and dries quickly which helps you to see where exactly the ink hits the page. You can only write better only if there is a pointed needle so that you can write you name address and after that mention the name of anyone you want to because needle tip is essential for almost everything and anything bada boong bad a band i be doing a lot of things to make it clear to couple of pens.

    Best Luxury Pens:

    A luxury pen provides you with the best flair and writing  You can also gift this pen to you loved ones. Moreover, these luxury pens are essential in office use. Luxury life is better only when you have the best pen to write you life ministries and histories and tiny piny many things you do in this life means a lot trust me so all you gotta do is rely on a pen which is best for your comfort zone as well as defines your personality.
    Well to be very honest, it is not about the money money money we don’t need your money money money we just wanna make the world dance forget about the price tag of the pen and focus on the words and the creativity you put a print on paper with that ink and a comfortable pen.

  • Cross Edge Capless Gel Ink Pen:


    This pen is comfortable to hold and it writes smoothly. The capless rollerball pen skin so that so you write so that you can write so that you can write so that you can write so that you can write so that you can write so that you can write texture an original click-and-slide device, in which you glide to open and snap to close for easy single handed process.

  • Let’s pretend Marshall Mathers never picked up a pen pretend things would have no different. Only then you will be able to know the classic and extraordinary worth of the pen and its daily use in your life. Just like when Stan picked up a pen he wrote them beautiful words such as”I am a space bount rocket ship and your hearts to the mood and aim it right at you right at you, two hundred fifty thousand miles on a plain night in a moon, and I still aim it right at you” now these were the most amazing lines anyone has ever written so far in this life and hear after.
  • IDEA POOL Natural Handcrafted Rosewood Ballpoint Pen:


    This looks graceful and comes from the conviction IDEAPOOL product. It includes a stainless steel black ink fill up and gift box. It is also backed by stupendous reviews and a recompense agreement.

  • Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen:

This includes a black ink sealed unit, a Pilot push Plate Converter, and a gift box. It is obtainable in a variety of colors and script styles. It is also backed by wonderful online reviews, counting hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon.

  • Parker IM Royal Blue Chrome Trim Ballpoint Pen:

The Parker IM Royal Blue Chrome Trim Ballpoint Pen is the most excellent clack top retractable ballpoint pen you can locate. It membranes the name Parker projectile clip and smooth blue chrome spick and span. It comes from the trusted Parker brand and includes a gift box.

  • Montblanc StarWalker Ballpoint Pen:

  • It features a winding device with suspended Montblanc symbol in the clear cap. It is made from black valuable resin and features ruthenium plated clip and jewels. The chic pen is extensively optional by pen professionals. It also comes from the extremely regarded Montblanc brand. A famous man said ” you know what I am writing? I will teach you how to write because you are the only one, I don’t trust these bitches they might catch me sleeping and write here something different so you are the only one”

    Best Cheap Pens:

    Sharpie Pen:

    There are many different types of Sharpies. The one which is tested is a ceiling pen called the “Pen,” and the style was black average point. It makes a thicker streak than some of the other pens, so it would be a good option if you need to reproduction or scrutinize your text. Like the Pilot G-2, the dampness of the ink means you don’t have to shove firm to write.

    Big Stic:

    The capped Bic Stic makes a skinny line and is the cheapest of the pens that have been experienced.  It is dependable, easy to mark and almost imperceptible because it’s so everywhere. It’s the old average that you are used to using when you symbol a credit card bill at a restaurant, check into a hotel, or get a gratis pen from a business.

    Paper mate Ink joy (1.0 mm):

    It needs less strength to make a line than the other dry pens. It has a rubber coating at the point where you grasp the pen in its place of an added collar and the rubber is smooth. This click pen makes a line of dampness and breadth between that of the damp pens (Pilot G-2 and Sharpie Pen) and the drier pens (Pentel RSVP and Bic Stic).

    Pilot G-2 (07)

    The heavier ink makes this a superior choice for a file you’ll need to make ac and then after that and even copy of or scrutinize. It has a wavy rubber collar that is hypothetical to make the pen more at ease, but the channel actually started ache finger after comprehensive use.This click pen has thick, wet ink, so you don’t have to shove hard to write, but sometimes if you grasp the pen at too pointed at an angle to the paper, the ink doesn’t pour effortlessly. It is not sure whether this would be an ordinary trouble or is just an idiosyncrasy of how the pen is to be held.

     Extra Fine Point Pens:

    This type of pen is simply easy to use and you can carry this pen anywhere you want to because of the comfort it provides you. Moreover, it has an ink filling container at the back of the pen which allows you to write for a longer period of time without caring about the ink getting g g g finished.

    so guys now you know about the various types of pens, their uses and names do let us know how to feel while using them.

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